International Oasis retreat KROŚCIENKO-KRAKÓW 2016

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This retreat will help you to bear fruit even more from the 2016 World Youth Day in KRAKÓW St. John Paul II, who initiated the World Youth Day, in his book Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way was contemplating on his service as a bishop in Kraków:
„The communists have destroyed all the youth Catholic associations that were present before the war. Therefore people were wondering how to balance this situation. That was when fr. Franciszek Blachnicki came up with an idea for creating the so-called “Oasis movement” [today The Light-Life Movement]. I was in really close bonds with this movement and tried to support it in many ways. I defended it from the communist authorities, supported financially and took part in their meetings. In the summer, I would go the “oases” which were the summer retreats of the young people belonging to the movement. I preached, I talked to them, we sang songs around the fire, we hiked the mountains. Very often, I celebrated a Mass in the open air. All these elements comprised an intensive pastoral programme. I am very happy about all these experiences. I brought them with me here to Rome. I was looking for the ways I could share them and the ways to organise meetings for young people. To a large extent, the World Youth Days date back to those experiences.”

In 2016, World Youth Day comes to Kraków which is a city of Pope John Paul II. Just about 100 kms south of Kraków, there’s Krościenko nad Dunajcem – a town where the Light-Life Movement has got its Centre. This was in Krościenko and its neighbouring villages where John Paul II met young people and relished the views of the beautiful Carpathian Mountains during the Oasis retreats. He would often visit the Oases on the 13th day of the retreat where several groups having the retreat at the same time met in Krościenko to celebrate the Unity Day, contemplating the mystery of the Descent of the Holy Spirit. These Community Days inspired the Pope to organise the World Youth Day.

Please feel invited as much as everybody else to Krościenko nad Dunajcem to prepare spiritually to the World Youth Day. Find shelter in the Oasis and draw from the living water. This international meeting will be based on the mysteries of the Rosary. We will think about the mystery of salvation to meet the living Jesus Christ who wants to give us the living water. We will also experience the the beautiful brotherhood community in this truly beautiful part of Poland.

We’ll meet in Krościenko on 13 July. The meeting will start at 4pm. The retreat will last 12 days and will take place in Krościenko and in its nearest surroundings. On 26 July, we’ll go to Kraków to take part in the World Youth Day. After the Mass with the Holy Father on 31 July, we’ll come back to Krościenko to close our oasis. 3 August is the last day of the retreat and we’ll pack to go back home.

Costs: 1800PLN per person (including the stay in Kraków). Register before 02/04/2016 at newlifeoasis@oaza.pl. 

Remember to have your Bible and sleeping bag with you.

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